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What We Offer -

What We Offer

238 Litre Tote or 3 Yard Bin Weekly or Bi-Weekly Service

Serving the Okanagan from Kamloops to Penticton! Contact us for pricing in your area.

Vernon, Kelowna, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Penticton, Armstrong, Kamloops, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Grindrod, Sicamous, Falkland, Lake Country, Sorrento, Blind Bay, Chase, Coldstream

How We Compost -

How We Compost

Getting started is easy! First, you tell us you want to be part of the solution!

We then pick up and transport your food waste and other organics to our facility in Salmon Arm where it is mixed together with our proprietary blend and set aside to achieve a very high temperature, killing all pathogens and other unwanted critters.

From there, it gets turned a few times and then screened. We use this finished compost on our own agricultural fields, where it fertilizes the soil, increases water retention and helps our wheat and other food crops grow.

Our harvested crops are fed back to our own happy livestock, and round and round we go again in the food cycle.

We also sell the compost to other farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

From food, back to food.

Let's Get You Started -

Let's Get You Started

Whether you’re a restaurant, office building, casino, retirement home, grocery store, school or production facility, we have the right service level for you. We’ll get you set up with outdoor bins, indoor bins, compostable bags and even a laminated “What Can Be Composted” sheet for quick reference. It’s easier than you think to start reducing your waste. If needed, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can come talk to your organization about the service and get you up and running.

Call or email us for an estimate. We’ll provide you with your service of choice and provide you with basic compost training. We’ll add a link of your business to our website if you would like, to share your positive move with the public, which will inspire others to get going on reducing their ecological footprint. You can order compostable bags through us as well, just ask!

Stratas Are Welcome! -

Stratas Are Welcome!

Get the residents at your strata, condo, apartment or retirement home all setup with compost caddies and BPI certified compostable bags.

We have many levels of service to suit your building size, number of residents and available waste areas.

Whether it’s a weekly 238 Litre tote tip or a biweekly 3 yard dumpster tip, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs. And for in-unit collection, we also have 2 different sizes of kitchen caddies and compostable bags to keep them clean.

When your service starts, we’ll also bring a handy laminated “What Can Be Composted” quick reference sheet for residents and staff. The only things that need to stay out of our bins are plastic, metal and glass. All other organic material is compostable, aside from large landscape material.

Compost Sales -

Compost Sales

Do you need some “Class A” organic compost for your garden, landscaping company, business or farm? We can help! We sell in bulk only so as to avoid creating wasteful packaging. Call to arrange for delivery or pick-up. Smaller quantities can be purchased in Salmon Arm at Pedro’s and Blackburn Excavating Ltd.

Spreading services are also available.


TIPS for successful gardening with compost -

TIPS for successful gardening with compost

Compost is a soil additive to help retain moisture and supply nutrients. Our compost is NOT a soil substitute. DO NOT plant seeds and plants directly into the compost. .

In the early Spring add 1-3 inches of compost into your garden beds and till into your soil well.

Plant seeds and/or plants into your newly tilled beds and garden as usual.

Later in the season, once your plants have grown and are established compost can be added lightly on top of your soil and around plants to help reduce weed growth.


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