our mission

At Spa Hills Farm our mission is to create the final link in the chain to a full-circle, green waste-reduction solution for our economy and our local North Okanagan/Shuswap community.

We do this by collecting food waste & other organic material from businesses & buildings, that would otherwise go to a landfill & make chemical-free fertilizer from it.

We use it for the land we farm, where we grow wheat, straw & other crops to feed to our livestock.

We also sell the finished compost.

This compost helps the soil to retain water, which is very important in this dry area, especially considering the 2017 fire season.

This also helps cuts down on the use of non-organic fertilizer & soil amendments while helping companies & communities lower their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Spa Hills Compost is proud to be a part of the sustainable movement to improve our environment & agricultural soil in the Okanagan & Shuswap regions.

When nothing is wasted, everything is gained.


“Cora” the Compost Car overlooking the valley.