The following materials are compostable in our facility:

BPI Certified Compostable Plastics

One of the most important elements of making compost at our facility is heat. Because we carefully control this, we are able to accept compostable plastic products such as cups, cutlery, clamshells and compostable bags.

We have been working with our supplier to distribute a quality product that completely breaks down in our facility.

The EcoSafe bags that we use in our totes and sell to our customers display the BPI logo, which is what we look for when determining if your product will properly break down in the composting process.

Look for this when purchasing compostable material for your event or location.

Biodegradable is not compostable!

You can currently purchase these bags through us, or:

Farm Bound Home Delivery in Vernon

They sell them on their website which you can get to by clicking the logo below as well as at their location on Middleton Mountain in Vernon. 

They also have our bags at their new

Farm Bound Zero Waste store in Kelowna!

Or you can also pick them up at:

Buy Low Foods in the Landing Plaza in Vernon

and at

Eat Good Market on 27th Ave in Vernon

If your business would like to sell these bags, please give our Sales Manager a call to discuss.