Why Compost?

  • Minimize your carbon footprint
  • Save landfill space
  • Reduce greenhouse and methane gases
  • Make non-chemical fertilizer
  • Provide local self-sustaining waste solution
  • Revitalize the soil content to retain moisture, therefore lowers the need for irrigation and conserves water

How Do I Get Started?

  • Call or email us for an estimate
  • We’ll get you a bin and provide basic compost training
  • We’ll add a link to your company website if you like, to share your positive move with the public, which will inspire others to get going on reducing their ecological footprint
  • We’ll give you a sticker to display in your window to show you’re proud of the move to compost and want others to do the same
  • You can order compostable bags through us as well, just ask!

Where Do You Currently Do Pickups?

  • Vernon
  • Enderby
  • Salmon Arm
  • Armstrong
  • Grindrod
  • Sicamous
  • Falkland
  • Sorrento
  • Lake Country
  • Blind Bay
  • Coldstream
  • Okanagan/Shuswap

Will It Smell?

No more than your regular garbage, and less if you keep adding shredded newspaper, wood stir sticks, coasters, sugar packets, napkins and other carbon-based items.

Our pick-ups are once a week or twice, if needed, so there isn’t enough time for much of a smell to develop. Also, the bins have lids that we recommend you close when not in use. We can also supply a lock for the bins so animals or people cannot get into them and make a mess or cause problems.

Compostable Bags also help A LOT, and we strongly recommend you use them.

How Do We Get The Compost Out To The Dumpster?

Each business we deal with has their own special way of handling this question.

Some like to have a small bucket that gets taken out regularly, others will want to put it in a bag and empty the bag into the bin.¬†What will work best for you? Our team can help you figure out your system to make composting your food waste as easy as possible. Please visit our “services page” here.

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