how it’s done


To start, you tell us you want to be part of the solution!

We then get the right sized compost collection bin and compostable bags to you (if needed), you put in all of your compostable items, we pick it up weekly, biweekly or twice weekly.

We then transport it back to our facility in Salmon Arm where it heats up to a very high temperature, killing all pathogens and other unwanted critters. It gets turned a few times and from there we use some of the finished compost on our fields, where it fertilizes the soil, increases water retention and helps our wheat and other food crops grow.

That wheat or straw is fed to our happy livestock, who produce food and round and round we go again. We also sell the compost to consumers, landscapers, and other farms.

From food, back to food.

Watch this video by Shaw TV Okanagan to see the how it all happens:

Check out the “What Can Be Composted” page for more information.